In our continuing effort to take baby steps towards a greener household, we’ve decided to try using washable dishcloths instead of kitchen sponges. This probably seems like a no-brainer to many folks, but I grew up using sponges in the kitchen, and it simply didn’t occur to me that there was anything else to use. Granted, we don’t go through an awful lot of sponges, but in my mind, any way we can reduce our contribution to the landfills is something. I got the idea here at RecycleCindy’s site, where she has patterns for crocheted dishcloths with plastic bag scrubby centers.

For this dishcloth, I used one black plastic bag and half (or less) of a skein of “Key Lime Pie” Sugar ‘n Cream yarn. It’s basically the first pattern on Cindy’s page, with less plastic. I wanted more cotton and less scrubby. (I use Pampered Chef baking stone scrapers for the harder stuck-on food, anyway.) It’s a little larger than I expected, but then again, I have no basis for comparison, so what do I know?

I’m going to use this for a few days (putting my sponge under the sink to avoid temptation) and see if I can get used to it before making any more for myself. However, I’ve promised a couple to Mom. Between that and teacher gifts, I suppose I’ve got enough to keep myself busy. 😉