This weekend’s work:

This used the same pattern as my previous purse, but – again – I played with the stripes. I also bought a skein of Bernat’s Boa yarn (this color is “Tweety Bird”) for some added interest, and the button came from my stash of extras. This is one fun, funky purse! I’m going to have a hard time giving it up, but – alas! – it is meant for someone else.

I met my friend, Heather, for a Mom Date this morning. (In order to keep our sanity in a world of errands and To Do lists, we try to meet for coffee and bookshop browsing every few weeks.) Last week, when I discovered plarn crochet, I called Heather and issued an Earth Day challenge: We would each make a plarn bag. Well, we’re both hooked. Now, we’ve always known that we crochet differently – different tensions, etc. Today we discovered just how differently. She used the exact same pattern for her bag as I did (the round one), and hers is easily twice the size of mine! We got a good laugh out of that. What is a smallish purse for me is a nice-sized market tote for her, and I’m even using a larger hook than she is. Considering that I use about half the recommended plarn for my bags, I’m willing to bet she’s doing something right, and I’m doing something…well, not wrong per se….just different!

The reservations have been made for our Mother’s Day weekend near Callaway Gardens. I’m looking forward to a day of letterboxing and a day at the gardens (where there also happen to be hidden a couple of letterboxes, I believe!). I’d better get carving…