A photo tour of my latest plarn purse:

Step one: Gather bags! These were donated by my mother-in-law and father-in-law. Thanks!

Step Two: Cut the bags into strips/loops and ball them up. I call this “spinning plarn.” For this bag, I estimated I’d need about 20 bags. (I was spot-on, too!)

Step Three: Crochet! I made this design up as I went along. Since I’ve been using free patterns from the internet for previous bags, I can’t sell them. (Those patterns are the property of the designers and can’t be used for profit by anyone else.) I’m pretty happy with this one!

Step Four: Add embellishments. For this one, I used Bernat’s Bling Bling yarn, and if you look closely, you’ll see an “A” charm. The recipient of this bag’s name starts with A, so I thought it would be a fun touch.

This is a nice, summery bag, the perfect size to hold wallet, phone, keys, errands list, and a few odds and ends (juice boxes for the kids?). I hope she likes it!