For Mother’s Day, along with a great Willow Tree figurine, my parents gave me a bunch of buttons. These were from my mom’s stash and were given with the idea that I can use them on the purses I’m crocheting. What a great assortment! Those ones on the cards are specialty buttons Mom obtained at craft fairs. (If you want one on your purse, just know there will be a nice price increase!)

When my mother-in-law heard I was collecting fun buttons, she grabbed her stash for me to look through, too. I am thrilled with these! Look at those sparkly ones. (The picture so does not do them justice.) I asked her where they came from, and she said they were on the shoulders of her favorite black crepe dress in the late ’60’s. I think I’m going to have to hold those aside for a special project. I’m ecstatic that she entrusted them to me.