That’s been an item on my To Do List (literally) for the past couple weeks. And I’ve done it! Today was Blue Giraffe’s last day of school, and I’ve been working on nothing but teacher gifts for the past week. Well, longer, really, when you take into account the preschool teacher gifts for Little Turtle last week. Working with plarn is fun, but if you overdo it, it really puts a strain on your hands. I have 5 more preemie hats to finish that need to be mailed out by Friday, and then I’ll need to put the hooks away for a week or so to rest my right hand. So, without further ado, some of the fruits of my labor. I think it was totally worth it, and it really has been fun.

This is the finished afghan for BG’s former teacher:

Here’s the plarn purse for his current teacher:(Isn’t that button awesome? You may recognize it from the stash Mom gave me. It’s from a set that were handcrafted in Africa.)

This is one of the water bottle carriers I made for two of his resource teachers:

In further crochet news, my friend, Heather, and I are seriously looking into selling our plarn bags. She would concentrate on the tote size, whereas I would do the purses. As she says, that arrangement plays to our strengths. Besides, wherever we go with our bags, people ask if they can buy one. We both have lists of people waiting for information while we come up with our own patterns and figure everything else out. Keep an eye here for news! I’ll post as soon as we’ve worked out a plan.