I finally got my camera out, so I could share a photo of the gorgeous RAK I received from Pam:
Will you just look at that home-spun yarn?!? I’ve never touched anything like it, and I’m in love. My favorite is the green/yellow hank in the middle, which is her Carmel Apple colorway. (Visit her etsy shop here: Thistleknit) I would take a ton of that without complaining! Hint, hint… 😉 Twelve Oaks is also incredible, and the one my mom immediately picked as her favorite when I showed her the box of goodies.

Anyway, on Saturday, I made Jason’s day by buying four plastic totes to store my plastic bags. Our dining room was being overrun, and I could tell his patience was close to wearing thin. What wonderfully patient spouses we crafters must have! I now have a well-organized stash of plastic, waiting to be “spun” into plarn.

I even went so far as to organize them by color and bag thickness, so I can find what I want for any project. Sometimes I really am my mother’s daughter.