When we go to the pool in the afternoons, I don’t like to take my wallet with me – just my driver’s license and our seasonal pool passes, which amounts to four cards total. I’ve been paper-clipping them together and tossing them in my pool tote, but I can see losing them pretty quickly in that ginormous bag. So, here’s my new Pool Wallet:

I used single-ply spiral-cut plarn made from a medium-sized Barnes & Noble bag for the body, and trimmed it in double-ply brown grocery store bag plarn. (I will be posting two different plarn-making tutorials in the days to come to answer some of the questions I’ve received.)

Green-Green Pool Wallet

One ball of green plarn
Scraps of brown plarn
Hook: J
Yarn needle

Gauge: After 3 rows, measure against your cards and make sure the piece is slightly wider.

With Main Color, ch 15.

Row 1: Hdc in 3rd ch from hook, hdc across. Ch 2, turn. (Ch 2 counts as first hdc in next row here & throughout.)

Row 2: Hdc in ea. hdc across. Ch 2, turn. (13 hdc)

Rows 3 – 13: Repeat Row 2.

FO & weave in ends.

Fold piece in half and make sure your cards will fit. With contrasting color, blanket stitch* up one short side through both layers. Turn corner and blanket stitch across the top through front later only. Turn corner and blanket stitch down the other side, through both layers. FO. Attach contrasting color to back layer at top corner and blanket stitch across. FO & weave in ends. Embellish as desired.

*Good blanket stitch tutorial here.

Feel free to make this for yourself, and to link back to this post to share the pattern! Please do not claim the pattern as your own, but you may make these for yourself, friends, and for resale if you like. If you sell, please note on the tag: Designed by AimeeCrochets. Thank you!