As we usually get to once or twice during the summer, we’re puppy-sitting for our dear friends. Meet Kaleigh:

The boys love having Kaleigh over, especially since we’re a dog-loving family without a pooch of our own these days. (And we’ll be poochless for the forseeable future, until we figure out which – if any – breeds are compatible with Kalen’s allergies.)

Kaleigh turned fourteen this year, and I remember the day Heather got her in my freshman year of college. Jason and I had been dating about three months. Heather and her husband hadn’t yet, although they would be married a full year before us. Age before beauty, and all that… (Man, she’s going to get me when she reads this, but it was just sitting there, waiting to be said. Can you really blame me??)

Isn’t that crown the perfect advertisement for Medieval Times? We went for Father’s Day, at Jason’s request. Later that evening, Kalen dubbed himself King Kalen. Thankfully, he has little knowledge of what kings really do and has not yet commanded any of us to do his bidding. He feels all-important, however, which is pretty fun and quite important for a Royal Highness, make-believe or not.