As usually happens, something I’ve begun has generated a result completely off from my original intent. This time, it’s this blog. Originally intended to be a documentation of our family’s letterboxing adventures (hence the title), it has morphed into a showcase and journal for my crochet projects, as well as a place to share about the family. (And will shortly become somewhat political, as I’m having a hard time keeping my opinions about the current Presidential race to myself.)

I am still learning to love my hop-skip-and-jump approach to life. You see, I have what I consider a severe lack of sticktoitiveness. I get on kicks – currently it’s crochet – that may last a few weeks, a few months, even a year or more. While I’m on a kick, I am certain it’s going to be my creative outlet for years, if not decades. And then one day – bam! It’s done, interest for it is nowhere to be found, and I move onto the next thing. Genealogy, digital scrapbooking, writing for children, crochet, letterboxing, altered books…these have all been vehicles during the process, and most of them come in and out of focus in my life.

Jodi was the first one to tell me this cyclical approach to things is not only normal but good. What I have seen as lack of focus she sees as great creativity. I like Jodi. Not only does she encourage me in my wanderings from obsession to obsession, she often joins me in them. She’s a prime model of the creative lifestyle, and I only have to look to her to gain confidence in my own nomadic projects. Plus, she’s a teacher, and I still have enough of that authority-pleasing little girl in me to love a teacher’s praise.

And there you go. This “In case you hadn’t noticed, this isn’t a letterboxing blog anymore” post turns out to be a “Jodi helps me realize my coolness” post. As usual, I like the result better than the intent.