When last we left our heroine, she was facing this sewing to-do list, to which “take in waistband on Nicky’s too-big PJ’s” was added.

…time passes…

And ta-da! The PJ’s, karate uniform, and dress pants are all marked off the list. (The crowd goes wild.)

The bag lining is mostly done. Twice! The first go ended up two inches too narrow, thanks to a misinterpretation of the tutorial I was following. Ah well, it’s fixed now. I got the flap lining sewn on, complete with magnets…



And the interior lining is sewn, with cell phone and pen pockets and nifty little “Fashioned by Aimee” label from the box mom bought me about twenty years ago (no exaggeration):

…and it’s pinned in place!

Who knows if it will get hand-sewn in tonight. It’s 6:15 and I haven’t even contemplated dinner. (Hey Hon, feel like stopping by Subway on the way home??) I’ve left the most labor-intensive job for last…I’ll probably get to it on Friday. Behold the pile of pants awaiting cutting-off and hemming! (And please ignore the stained carpet. Have I mentioned the two young boys in the house?)