Through BzzAgent, I’ve found a website that may bear further investigation.

Kids-in-Mind is a movie-reviews website with detailed descriptions of many films, with (ready for it?) kids in mind. It has ratings and detailed descriptions of Sex & Nudity, Violence, and Profanity. Here’s the review I posted at BzzAgent:

I really like this idea – it may help with my decisions about what movies my kids see in the theater. It’s a little much – I mean they call to attention a gentlemen kissing the back of a woman’s hand in greeting in a period movie and a dance instructor wearing shorts and doing high kicks under the “Sex & Nudity” heading, which is more than a bit over the line of “You’re kidding, right?” On the other hand, they give very detailed descriptions of possibly offensive scary scenes, violence, name-calling, and profanity, so you can be well aware of what your kids might be exposed to. Or, if you’re like a lot of the moms I know, what great conversations you can have with your kids after they view the movie. (“So, why do you think it was wrong to blame the hobos?”)

So there you are – take a look and decide for yourself.

Visit Kids-in-Mind