I don’t really have a group of recipes that I rotate through the kitchen. Well, I do enchiladas now and then, spaghetti, etc., and the George Foreman and Crock Pot both get their fair share of use. But mostly I just throw dinner together out of whatever ingredients appeal to me that evening, or whatever I can find when we’re approaching Mother Hubbard status. Sometimes I end up with something really great. Usually I end up with something fine. Once in a while, I end up with something even my loving, appreciative husband can’t stomach. (Thankfully, that last one’s rare – once or twice a year.)

Monday night, I had a package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts thawed. I so did not feel like cooking, but the chicken was on its last day of usability, so it had to be done. I set some rice to cook (Rice-a-Roni whole grain boxed rice – yummy stuff), put a few teaspoons of safflower oil – my new favorite healthy oil – in the skillet, and cut the chicken into 1″ slices, so it would cook faster. Once the chicken was all cut, I turned the stove on (about medium-high), sprinkled some salt and pepper over the meat, and topped it off with a clove of pressed garlic. At that point, I was stuck. It wasn’t enough, but I wasn’t sure what else to add. I wasn’t in the mood.

After standing in front of the open pantry for a couple of minutes, I grabbed a can of Navy beans and dumped the whole thing over the chicken, followed by more salt and pepper and another clove of garlic (pressed). I stuck the lid on, turned the burner down to medium, and left it. A while later, the chicken was cooked through, and I served it up with the rice and some previously frozen peas.

And, wow!! A success! The chicken & beans were incredible…so good, in fact, I’m craving them again and may make them tonight. The kids, picky little guys they are, didn’t eat the beans, but they loved the flavor of the chicken, and they asked me to add it to our “list of favorite meals.” I figured I’d better type it up so I don’t forget what I did, and while I’m at it, why not share? Isn’t everyone in search of fast, easy, yummy meals? Let me know if you try it!