Reason #3,283,128 (more or less)

Today is my mother’s 60th birthday. (Yes, I know it’s rude to reveal a woman’s age, but she sure as hell doesn’t look 60, so revealing her age always gets her tons of compliments.) I am sick, so I can’t go see her. My cold or infection or whatever’s brewing in my sinuses and throat + her immune system = not good. It hurts to be only 15 minutes away and not be able to give her a hug on her birthday. So, on his way out the door this morning, Jason asks, “Should I stop and get her some flowers?” So he did. He broke into their house* a few minutes ago and left them on the kitchen counter, so Mom and Dad will find them when they return from her birthday dinner. He’s pretty cool.

*He has a spare key, so it’s technically not breaking in, but doesn’t it sound cool?