This morning, I went back to church for the first time in about four years.  I belong to a Unitarian Universalist congregation.  A few years ago, I began working Sundays, and it simply didn’t work out.  Now that I’ve left the store, however, and the kids are getting to the age where they’re (a) asking a lot of questions and (b) being bombarded with religious points of view Jason and I don’t agree with, we determined that it was time to return.  There’s been a new minister installed since I last attended, and I am thrilled to report that I enjoyed his sermon immensely.  I look forward to hearing what he has to offer in the coming weeks and months.

Today’s sermon was entitled Turnings: The Amazing Story of John Murray.  (I’ll link directly to the sermon text when it’s uploaded to the congregation’s website, as it is much more eloquent than I can be. – Ah, here’s the place.)  The message I received from the sermon was, I hope, what Rev. David intended.  John Murray was the father of Universalism in America.  To paraphrase Rev. David, Universalists believe in abundance.  There is more than enough love and grace to go around, and spreading the light of these is a far better way to guide someone spiritually, and to govern, than is fear.

This is one of the main principles I was raised on (no surprise, as I was raised a UU).  It was a tremendous feeling to be in a sanctuary filled with people who felt the same – who agreed that love and peace and grace are the true nature of the universe.

In the benediction, after the congregation had joined in singing This Little Light of Mine, Rev. David reminded us of our ability and responsibility to spread this message of Universal Abundance, to let our lights shine for the world to see.  So here it is, my little light.