In browsing blogs and Ravelry last night, I was inspired by several bread bag projects I came across.  Jason was up late working (again), so I grabbed some bread bags from my already-been-washed pile so I could stay up and keep him company without falling asleep.  (I also have a to-be-washed pile of bread bags, and a hanger over the washing machine with washed ones that were drip dried there.  We’re in plastic overload here.)  I decided to go for something small, and a wristlet was the first thing that came to mind.  I had it about 75% crocheted last night, and I finished it up this morning.  Not content to wait until the thrift shops were open to find the perfect fabric for lining, I cut up an old t-shirt I never liked anyway and hit the fabric & button stashes.  Et voila!

Bebe was born.  The lining is sewn, but I haven’t attached it or the handle.  I’m going to hit Joann’s later in the week and grab a zipper.  (Wish me luck on that one…I haven’t inserted a zipper in almost twenty years, and I was none too confident in my skills back then.  And I’ve never done a zipper in a bag!  Thank goodness for online tutorials.)

This will be up for sale when I get my etsy shop online.  If you’d like to purchase it before then, however, I won’t argue.  🙂

*With apologies to Ms. Neuwirth for the pun.  I simply can’t resist sometimes.