I just received word that I’m being published.  Whoa.  Need to let that sink in a bit.


A little background:

The Crochet Liberation Front was founded by Laurie as sort of tongue-in-cheek response to her frustration regarding crochet’s seeming “redheaded stepchild status” in the fiber arts world.  Minions flocked to the cause, and the CLF has taken on a life of its own, guided by our Fearless Leader’s (that would be Laurie) determination and drive.

Thanks to hundreds of hours of hard work on Laurie’s part, the Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book is now available for purchase.  This is not your average “how to” crochet book – it doesn’t even have a how to section.  It was written by crocheters for crocheters.

Within the book, you’ll find 36 patterns and 13 articles.  The patterns are fabulous, and I would buy the book for Veritas, Equitas alone.  My contribution is one of the articles – My New Hooks – an introspective look at my early relationship with crochet.

I’m so excited!  Check out the cover.  The shadow of marching hooks tickles me to no end:

CLF Book Cover

CLF Book Cover