I didn’t do much crocheting on our trip, and I spent a grand total of about seven minutes on my friend’s computer, so my hand is finally feeling pretty much back to normal.  (Yay!)

The sum total of my crocheting for the trip was four more spider webs for my Halloween curtains.  I need to ramp that up a bit if I’m going to have them ready for the big night.  I typically have the Halloween decorations all up by now, but the trip threw us off schedule.  I’d like to get Spot the Skeleton out in the yard soon.

Since we got home, I’ve been working on my souvenir.  I chose that beautiful pink Peace Fleece with the CraftStylish Make It Pink Challenge in mind.  There isn’t enough in the skein for a prayer shawl, but I knew it would make a lovely scarf.  I quickly set my heart on using it for the Road to Bruges scarf from this season’s Interweave Crochet.  Unfortunately, I mis-read the yardage, which I realized quickly upon beginning to crochet the pattern.  I frogged the first few curves of the ribbon and reevaluated.  Oooh, I know!  If I make the ribbon narrower and shorter between the curves, surely I can have a narrower scarf out of just one skein.  I’ll worry about the border when I get there.

As you can see, it’s turning out beautifully.  However, that “worrying about the border later” thing isn’t turning out so well.  I’ve begun and frogged five different variations of border.  The original pattern for the edging won’t work with my recalculated ribbon.  I’ve tried adapting it several ways, and it still won’t fit.  Even if it did, I’m concerned that there wouldn’t be enough yarn to go all the way around.  The last attempt was a round of double crochets, but I didn’t like how that looked at all.  I suppose it looks fine without a border…but I’d prefer to have one.

I really don’t want to put this project on the back burner.  Any ideas?