My 100th post – wow!  (And thank you, NaBloPoMo for getting me here faster than I would’ve on my own.) There’s a tradition in Blogland for the 100th post to consist of a list of 100 facts about yourself that your readers don’t know.  I’m working on that, and I’ll post it on its own page here in the next few days.

Instead, this milestone post is marking a turning point in our lives.  As of last week, Jason is no longer with his company.  It was a surprise, a shock, you name it, but it came at a very interesting time.  Two weeks prior, we’d returned from our trip to Seattle, convinced that we wanted to relocate there, if we could make it happen.  But how does one hunt for jobs from 3,000 miles away, especially when one is fully committed to doing the best he can in his current position?  It’s difficult, perhaps nearly impossible.

So, the decision seems to have been made for us.  Or perhaps we’ve just been pushed in the direction we wanted to take.  Or maybe it’s coincidence, and we’re interpreting it for our means.  (Except…I don’t believe in coincidence.)  Our major concerns are healthcare and the mortgage.  Healthcare is doable from savings.  The mortgage is not, after a couple of months, especially when you take utilities and such into account.  My wonderful, awesome, fabulous and otherwise great parents surprised us this week by offering us room in their house, should we want to put our house on the market.  (Our house is at a nice price point; one that doesn’t have any trouble selling right now.)  We’re jumping on the offer, as it will allow Jason the luxury of not settling for a job here when we really want to be on the other side of the country.  With no worries of mortgage or utilities, we can stretch our savings much further.  And, of course, I’ll go back to work, and that will help with what bills we will have to continue to pay, as well as stocking up cash for the move out west.

So right now, we’re clearing stuff out.  We’re having a huge garage sale this weekend.  Giant.  Ginormous.  Did I mention HUGE?  Plus, we’re selling our dining room suite, china and crystal (we never use any of it anyway).  Two desks.  Probably a television or two.  Once it’s all cleared out, and we fix a couple little things, the house is going on the market.  It feels so right.  Kind of like seeing the next step in your journey across a little chasm, or maybe a creek.  You know you can jump the obstacle pretty easily, but if you don’t focus on it, you could fall in and be hurt badly.  We’re there, getting ready to jump.

As Jason said, “we’re past the point of no return.”  (Cue Phantom music.)  We’re really doing it…we’re committing, and we’re going to move to Seattle!

One thing I must say: Thank goodness for Dave Ramsey.  If we hadn’t been following his plan for the past two years, we would be in really deep right now.  We hadn’t finished with Baby Step 2 (eliminating non-mortgage debt), but we are in a much better place and can think the situation through without panic.  So, thank you, Dave.