And the question of the day is this:

Is it the garage sale itself that drains every last ounce of energy out of you, or the week of prep beforehand?

Warning: Whine ahead.  My apologies in advance.  I hate/despise/loathe whining, but I am human and prone to whiny imperfection now and then.

Unfortunately, when I get very tired, I get cranky.  And my patience turns to nil.  And the children do not sense this (even after fifty reminders and several losses of patience).  And our house is not large, so there is no room where I can nap and escape the inevitable rainy afternoon boy noise.  And we are going to a hockey game tonight, which is bound to be the exact opposite of the cozy silence for which I yearn.

But I am going to remind myself that I am blessed, because I have a solid house to protect us from the chilly rain, and healthy children to make noise, and a successful garage sale to deplete my energy, and children who enjoy reading to earn hockey tickets from the school, and a hot cup of coffee to soothe me.

And best of all at this particular moment: In-laws who are taking the healthy, book-loving boys for a sleepover after the hockey game.  (Yeah, like I said: I’m human.  And cranky.)