The garage sale is finished!  All together now:

Woo hooooooooo!

We loaded up the car for a Goodwill run after closing up shop this afternoon, and as we pulled in, Jason said, “You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been in a Goodwill.”


So, of course, you know I had to initiate him.

The CD’s were on sale for 25 cents, so I left him browsing through those while I pored over the sweaters and searched for bargains in the woven shirts (aka bag linings to be).  Two Goodwill stores later (yes, we drove to the next town over to see what they had, too), and here’s my haul:


The red and blue fabrics will be made into valances for the boys’ bedroom, because they need something up there when the house is on the market.  (The hardware for their pull-down shades is pretty bad.)  The sweaters (100% wool) are – of course! – going to be frogged for yarn for holiday gifts.  I’m pretty excited about those sweaters, because I’m drawn to more neutral tones when I shop, so my stash is limited when it comes to brighter colors.  Not for long!  The orange looks like it will be laceweight, but oh well.  I couldn’t resist the color.  And it’s lambswool.

We also snagged some filters for the cool mist humidifier ($1.51 each…that’s about 80% off retail price), a book for Nicky, and a Halloween decoration.  We’re heading back to the one near us tomorrow to see what’s half off.  I am in need of some bag lining fabrics, and tomorrow starts a new week (= new sale!) at Goodwill.