…from Georgia Tech, but I’m not an engineer!

The Jackets are currently beating up on the Hurricanes, and it’s nice to see it for once.  Not the beating-up of the Canes (as, according to the commentators, Miami hasn’t beat us since they joined the ACC), but to actually see a Tech game.  One of the benefits of having a Thursday night game is less competition for airing, and ESPN picked this one up.  I’m thinking we’ll have to seriously consider upgrading our cable or satellite when we make the move to Seattle, so we can see the occasional game on ESPNU, especially since we won’t have any network games out there.  ABC or whomever will probably want to show west coast teams instead.  Spoilsports.

Football and I have an interesting relationship.  Since neither of my parents are football fans, it began in high school.  I went to every game my Freshman and Sophomore year: I was in the band.  I quickly learned to cheer when our team was running forward, and that it changed directions each quarter.  That was the extent of my football knowledge for several years.

In college, I got a little more instruction, but I still didn’t attend many games.  I learned about downs and penalties, but I still cared very little for any of it.

A couple of years after college, we got Georgia Tech season tickets with some good friends.  Then it got more interesting!  We began to gather for tailgating, and at people’s homes for away games.  I continued to learn more about the rules. Then we had kids, and since then we’ve only really watched whatever games are televised, and I try to pick up the untelevised ones (or those that are on networks we don’t get) on AM790.

This year, there’s another development.  I’m actually watching teams other than GT play.  I’ve sat in the same room with Jason as he watched NFL games, and I’m not complaining.  (I’ve always really disliked NFL games in the past.)  I’m interested in what the other NCAA teams are doing.  Granted, non-GT football still wouldn’t be my first viewing choice, but I’m finding myself less averse to it.

Who knows, maybe one of these years, I’ll actually be able to call myself a football fan.  In the meantime, though, I’m still just a Tech fan.

Go Jackets!