You are invited to our 2009 Winter Fashion Show!

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The boys decided to put on a fashion show for their grandparents today, inspired by the Adjective Fashion Show presented by Nicky’s third grade class on Friday.

Signs were made.

Grocery shopping was done, and hors d’oeuvres were made.  (Pigs in blankets with two kinds of mustard for dipping, beef and cream cheese roll-ups, sherbet punch, and iced water.)

Outfits were planned.

Music was chosen.  (Celebrity by BNL.)

I was to be the commentator, and I was told to make it up as I go along.  There were to be a grand total of four designer ensembles modeled.  The two favorites were the karate cave man


and Bob the Builder


The final two costumes were a pirate and a fire man.  (NOT a fire fighter, nor a fire chief, despite my attempts at political correctness.)

What fun!  The whole thing ground to a halt momentarily after the exit of the karate cave man, when Mickey Mouse refused to come out and model.  A sudden attack of embarrassment had beset the model, so that ensemble was abandoned in favor of Bob the Builder.

All four grandparents enjoyed the presentation, and we had a blast.  It’s the most fun I’ve had on a Sunday afternoon in ages.