Nicky began recorder lessons in music class at school this week.  Remember those days?  Hot Cross Buns, Mary Had a Little Lamb, errr…  Were there any other songs?  I think there must have been, but they’ve escaped me now.

When the purchase sheet came home for recorders & accessories last week, we reminded Nicky that he would be using one of our old recorders.  Mine has disappeared (actually, I think it’s at Mom & Dad’s), so he was thrilled to use Jason’s.  Happily, it’s the exact same model that all his friends are now buying and using.*

Also happily, the carrying case for said recorder has long been missing.  Ooh, goodie!  A chance for Mom to use her stash of stuff to make a case.  I knew I had saved all those cut-off pant legs from the summer for a reason.

And how could I resist a little embroidery?


Nicky loves it, as I knew he would.  He is excited about anything I make for him.  It’s great to be appreciated.

*I think a headache is developing just imagining a room full of third graders in their first recorder lesson.  Elementary school music teachers deserve a special place in Heaven.**

**Or whatever you believe the afterlife to be or not be.