Red Carpets!  Statuettes!  Amazing Gowns I’ll Never Fit In!

No, no, not those awards.  This award!


Heather gave me this award last week, along with some very sweet comments.  I’ve known Heather* as long as I’ve known Jason.  We all met in the Georgia Tech Chorale many, many moons ago.  At the time, I knew nothing of her craftiness (er, I mean her crafty ways. No, that’s not right, either.  I didn’t know she stitched, okay?), but I recently found her on her wonderful, stitchy blog, as well as on Ravelry.  It’s fun to reconnect with people and find previously unknown common interests.  Anyway, check out her geeky, crafty blog for some gorgeous embroidery and knitting, as well as some great photos of her loft.

It seems the rules of this particular blog award are to list five addictions and then pass the award along to five other fabulous bloggers.  Addictions, hmm?  That should be easy enough.  (In no particular order.)

1) Coca-Cola.  I prefer Classic, but I’ll drink Diet Coke with Lime.  I go back and forth, because I can’t decide which is worse for me: the corn syrup or the artificial sweetener.  What’s that?  Give it up?  No, you don’t want me that cranky.  Really.

2) Books.  I don’t read constantly, but when I start a book, I cannot. put. it. down.  Seriously, the world ceases to exist until I’ve finished the last page.

3) Craft of choice.  As I’ve talked about before, whatever craft I’m currently working on becomes somewhat of an obsession.  It’s currently crochet, as I’m sure you could gather from a quick perusal of my category cloud.

4) Coffee.  Mmm.

5) The internet, and my friends thereon.

And now for the awards.  For some reason, I’m always uncomfortable with the tagging part.  I’m not sure why.

Anyway, if you’re awarded, please don’t feel obligated to “play.”  Just consider it a big Thank You for allowing me to share in your life.

Cindy @ MyRecycledBags
Cindy is one of the reasons I got back into crochet last year.  Her plarn instructions and patterns fueled my interest enough to put me on a new obsessive path.  Visit her for some great patterns and to give her a big hip-hip-hurrah for kicking the cancer out last year!

Sheri @ Sheri’s Scribbles
Sheri is one of my dear online mommy friends.  I love her blog for the great everyday mom-life updates, and I’m amazed, because I can’t imagine how she actually finds time to post, given everything she has going on.

j. @ Introversion 1.0
j. is another of my good online friends, and while her blog isn’t very full yet (hint, hint!), what she does write is wonderful.  I’ve always loved her writing style…uber-intelligent and relatable, all at that same time.

Woof Nanny (aka: Barb) @ The Purse Project
Barb writes a couple of great blogs, but this is my favorite, and it doesn’t get nearly the participation it deserves.  With The Purse Project, she hosts purse/handbag making challenges with loose guidelines that stretch a crafter’s creativity.  Hop on over and participate!

Angelina @ Dustpan Alley
This is one of my favorite sites to read each day, even when it’s difficult.  Angelina is honest in her struggles and joys, and she is spreading the word about mental illness in an out-there way few have the guts to do.  I learn so much from her, and thanks to her, I am becoming a more understanding person.

*Incidentally, this Heather was one of four in the chorale during our stint there, and it’s very hard to type her name without her last, since we never, ever refer to Chorale Heathers without last name.  Even my own sister gets a clarification here at home, being a Heather herself.