Today: words, no pictures

Images the prompt “School Lunches” brings to mind…

~A very vivid flash of the lunch line in fifth or sixth grade.  I am standing in front of the vegetables – the side items – trying to decide which is the least gross, which I will feel least guilty about nibbling once or twice before throwing away.  I don’t much like veggies when they’re cooked nicely, forget boiled to unrecognizable mush.

~The cafeteria of a school not my own in California, the long, hinged tables pushed to the sides in the evening, rows of chairs set up for our monthly 4-H meeting.

~The printed monthly menu my sister and I would pore over, choosing which days we would buy our lunches.  We usually took our lunchboxes; buying was a treat.

~Sitting with the boys at various lunch events in their current elementary school, my behind and vertebrae protesting the hard, attached discs that serve as seating.

~The yearbook room in my London high school, where I ate lunch every day my senior year.  Yearbook staff and various friends, playing music, the young guys using the fridge as a jungle gym.  Finishing every day’s lunch with a 3 Musketeers and an ice-cold Coke.

~Participating in a rousing “Tastes Great-Less Filling” style shouting match at the outdoor lunch tables in junior high.  The subject?  Mayonnaise vs. Miracle Whip.

~Hundreds of sandwiches made, bananas or applesauces packed, juices poured…hastily-made lunches to be shoved into backpacks for the boys to take along, knowing it’s not as interesting to them as the stuff they could buy in the cafeteria, but worth the savings to make it anyway.

~Eating outside in high school in California, seagulls skulking nearby for sandwich remnants.  Or inside the band room, always someone nearby tapping out rhythms with their drumsticks.