Sorry to keep my fellow crafters, crocheters, and other fiber-loving friends in the lurch for so long.  Life has been hectic!  The house went under contract last Thursday, and we close on the 31st.  It’s chaotic, but we’re excited.

However, chaos has not kept me from the yarn.  It’s just kept me from blogging about it.

My birthday yarn, picked up at The Lamb Shoppe in Denver, is scruuuuuumptious!  Queensland Collection’s Kathmandu Aran Tweed, in Moss Green.  Oh, Yum.


I bought three balls of this, and I’ve used less than two to make my new hat (to be posted later).

I’ve been frogging sweaters in the evenings since I got back in town, and my yarn collection is growing.  Most of it has a specific purpose, but I’m not at liberty to share just yet…in a couple of months, definitely!

100% wool, definitely the softest yarn I’ve ever felt.  I already used some of this to make my winter hat a couple of months ago.  The rest, I dyed green:


As you can see, some of it has already made it onto the ball winder.  It’s sort of a pain, because the sweater I reclaimed for this yarn was knit using three strands held together, and I’m going to need it in individual strands for my project.  Worth the effort, tho’!

This orange is 100% virgin wool.  Either laceweight or light fingering, I haven’t really checked it yet:


Photographed on clover in honor of St. Patrick’s Day this week.  (Sorry for the overexposure; it was really bright out that day.)

Next, an Abercrombie sweater, 80% lambswool, 20% nylon.  Very soft and – of course – my favorite color:


This goldenrod is 100% cotton.  It’s the first cotton sweater I’ve reclaimed, I think, and I like it a lot:


…and last but not least, (surprise!) another green sweater frogged for your viewing pleasure.  (And my crocheting pleasure – yippee!)


And so ends the parade for today.  Wow, my feet hurt…