Wow…slow month! Okay, so not really. The blog has been slow, yes, but the month has been beyond busy:

  • A trip across country to deposit my husband in Seattle, celebrating my birthday along the way
  • A contract on the house – or two!
  • A son’s birthday
  • A packing up of the house
  • A publication credit**
  • A move in the rain
  • A move into my parents’ house
  • An attempted closing today (Yes, I said ‘attempted.’  Sigh.)
  • A few other things that are slipping my exhausted mind

…all of which left me with very little computer time.  Ah well.  Here is this month’s Wordle (all eight posts’ worth):


**Errata: In my last post, the one about my IC column, I committed a grave sin of omission.  In my thankings, I somehow left out the biggest thanks of all.  THANK YOU, MOM! for your time, driving, and companionship during the research for the article!  It was a lot more fun with you along than it would’ve been on my own.