Monday, Monday!

It was looking to be a rainy, low-energy day in Atlanta, until…Bench Monday!

2009-may4-blog2A Rainy Day in Georgia
(Or, I Didn’t Know My Jeans Had Red Serging!)

All over the world, women with amazing artistic eyes are sharing photos of their own feet on benches (actual or impromptu) each Monday.  I could not resist joining in.  My first Bench Monday photo shoot involved an umbrella (that’s the swatch of green in front of my legs) and a clear Rubbermaid container on its side to act as a rain shelter for my little point-and-shoot.  I have no illusions about my abilities as a photographer, but I know I have a good eye.  The photographic skills are something I’ve been wanting to learn, so this seems as good an impetus as any.

This bench resides in my parents’ back yard and is actually attached to the deck.  That intense green behind me is an accurate representation of the rainforest feel their yard has on a wet spring day.  Lovely, isn’t it?

I was so inspired by this photo that I decided to revamp my watermark, and I even took the extra two seconds to make it into a Photoshop brush, which I should have done months ago.  Life made slightly easier?  Check!

Rainy day blahs swept away by running back and forth across the waterlogged deck in my bare feet?  Check!