Other than missing an important person*, I had a pretty darn perfect Mother’s Day this year.  Time and good food with my parents, the boys, and my in-laws…what more could I want?

Enter the Day of Flowers.  Between the roses Mom bought for Derby Day, the lilies my sister sent her, and the roses that Dad and the boys bought for us, we have over five dozen flowers in the house!


1. Kentucky Derby Party Flowers – rearranged!
2. My roses from Dad & the boys, in a vase Mom & Dad bought at a gallery in Florida last year.  Love the effect!
3. An extra Derby Day rose on my nightstand, in a Chambord bottle.  Perfectly sized vase for the space.
4. The Vera Wang lilies from my sister.
5. Mom’s roses from the guys.
6. A few of Mom’s roses pulled out for the living room.

I must extend a heartfelt thank you to Whole Foods for offering Mother’s Day roses at such an affordable price.  I know it’s supposed to be gauche to talk about money and the cost of gifts, but I also know you all appreciate a deal as much as I do, and I can’t stomach the thought of my guys spending $50 on a dozen roses.  So, $15.99 for two dozen?  Much more like it!  A good deal is a gift any mother can appreciate.

As for today…Happy Bench Monday!


*That guy – aka my husband – who helped me become a mother in the first place.  No worries, we get to see him Wednesday!