School lets out early in Georgia.  Well, it also begins early (often the second week of August), so I guess it should come as no surprise.  Year after year, however, I am surprised when May rolls around, and suddenly the kids are home for the summer.

And here we are…it’s May, and the kids are home for the summer.  I ask, for what seems the billionth time, when did time start moving so quickly?

IMG_9364Jason’s still here; he came into town last week so he could accompany us up to Virginia, and he’ll head back out to Seattle on Sunday.  We’re enjoying the time together and decided to have a “last day of school celebration.”

Of course, the boys heard the word “celebration” and took that to mean “party.”  No dice, kiddoes.  How about some Coldstone instead?

Once they got over the fact that there would be little or no actual partying, I don’t think they were too disappointed with our interpretation of “celebration.”


Nope, not too disappointed at all, especially since we put a temporary hold on our budget-minded ways and actually let them each order a ‘Like It’ size of their own.  (Yes, we’re those parents, who make the kids split a big ol’ sundae with us on the rare occasions we go out for ice cream at all.  Hey, there’s a reason our debt has been knocked down so far!)


Nicky chose Peanut Butter Perfection for his treat, and Kalen made his own creation of cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears mixed in.*

Of course, being a five-year-old, he loved every bite…which begs the question, what exactly is he doing here?


Hint: No bodily functions are involved, and – no – he’s not hamming it up for the camera.  Any ideas?

He’s “killing” a gummy bear, gnashing it between his molars.  I have to admit, as the first bear was disposed of in this manner, I was a little surprised and was tempted roll my eyes at the violent nature of little boys…until my dear husband reminded me of my own dealings with gummy bears over the years.  Biting their cute little heads off and transplanting them to gummies of another color is simply a way to pass the time before the movie previews start, I promise.  No underlying violent tendencies here…no, of course not!

Anywho, happy summer vacation, all!  Those of you wincing because it’s way too early for that sort of greeting, just you wait.  You’ll be joining us soon enough.

*Editorial comment: Gag!!