One of the guidelines of Bench Monday is to “wear something pretty.”  I typically ignore this rule, due to the fact that (a) I don’t really own much in the way of pretty (most of my days are jeans and tops occasions), and (b) what little I do have is packed away at the mo’.

This weekend, however, Mom gave me some more of her grandmother’s crocheted lace.  This time, it was two table runners, and I was especially drawn to the one done in a pinwheel pattern.  It makes a pretty apron, although somewhat inappropriate for use during dinner prep.


I have quite the collection of antique crocheted lace now, all done by my great-grandmother.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it all.  I suspect it won’t come as much of a shock if I reveal that I’m not really one to have crocheted doilies and table runners all over the place.  One piece will be included with my submission to the Milkweed Project.  The rest will have to bide their time until the right use for each presents itself.