Since my external hard drive crashed last spring (yes, that’s spring ’08), I haven’t quite had the heart to spend the necessary hours recalling backed-up data, reinstalling and retagging in ACDSee, and admitting what I’d lost.  (I had last backed up on January 28, losing quite a few good supplies, and more devastatingly, about twenty really great layouts.  Lesson learned.)  Consequently, I haven’t scrapped in about fifteen months.

I took the plunge this week, though, reisntalling ACDSee, and digging out my back-up CD’s.  I went a step further and organized my digital photos from 2005-2008, setting up bone structures for those years’ photo albums.  It’s exciting to be back in the game.

Of course, I still need a little bit of inspiration, especially when I’m working at 10:30 pm, so I searched out challenges, sketches, and templates, and I found the ladies over at Pencil Lines.  Woo hoo!  Weekly sketches and templates!

So, without further ado, I give you my re-entree into the world of digiscrapping, based on this week’s sketch.  (Credits below)


As a side note, I’m getting really peeved that my photos are showing up fuzzy here on the blog.  What are crystal clear, sharp & pleasing when I view them on the computer are coming out just blurry enough to look out of focus here.  I’ve tried several things (including Save For Web), and I know it’s user error…so what am I doing wrong?  Any hints??

Sketch/Template by Anna Bowkis for Pencil Lines blog
Tan paper by Birgit Kerr (Easy Living)
White paper w/ swirls by Amy Wolff (Barely There 3)
Mesh by Lori Musser/Page Frocks (Paper Dreams)
Painted paper circles by Amy Wolff (5255 Collab Kit)
Circle label by Amy Wolff (Gratitude)
Stitching by Amber Clegg (The Gazebo)
Font: DJB Susan by Darcy Baldwin