My apologies in advance for what was a really boring day, apparently!  I enjoyed it, though.

IMG_95051:54 pm – Oh cripes! While I’m opening the blinds in the boys’ room, Indy reminds me that today is the 12th.  Better get the camera out.

IMG_95092:35 pm – Here’s what I was working on all morning…a pentagonal baby blanket.

IMG_95122:35 pm – Here’s what the boys are working on.  Apparently, Artoo has a new gig, and Anakin’s lost his head over something or other.

IMG_95142:38 pm – Giving a drink to the azalea Dad transplanted last weekend.

IMG_95154:35 pm – To the grocery store.  Whee.

IMG_95165:01 pm – Coming home, noticed Mom’s new roses are looking quite nice.

IMG_95227:30 pm – Boba Fett?  Boba Fett??

IMG_95268:12 pm – Making applesauce while the sounds of the Endor battle rage in the background.

IMG_95278:55 pm – Returned to the living room to find a battle victim.  (Incidentally, the second night in a row he’s fallen asleep during a Star Wars movie.  He was ticked when he woke up this morning and realized; can’t wait to see what he’s like tomorrow morning.)

IMG_95299:46 pm – Laundry to fold.  Like I said, not the most exciting of days.

IMG_953710:07 pm – Reading during thunderstorms is nearly impossible when you live with a scaredy-cat of a dog!

IMG_953910:58 pm – Reading is put aside completely when extra-loud crashes of thunder wake up a sleeping kiddo.

Happy 12th, everyone!