It’s so much fun to be going through these pictures from 2005 – so many of them are of the kids playing down on the floor.  They don’t spend quite as much time down there these days, although the Legos and trains are still a pretty good floor draw.

My parents have always kept the boys for overnights on a pretty regular basis.  I love that our kids have such involved grandparents (on both sides!).

BestWeekend-wholeThe quote reads: The simplest toy, one which even the youngest child can operate, is called a grandparent. ~ Sam Levenson I love that!

One of the most brilliant toy inventions ever is the laundry basket.  Oh, you may think it’s meant for the hauling of clothing to and from the laundry room, but no!  It is, in fact, the ultimate automobile (or train, or covered wagon, or what-have-you).  Laundry assistant is a secondary pursuit for the sturdy laundry basket.

GoingSomewhereDon’t you love how Nicky is unabashedly sitting right on his baby brother?  Kalen looks like he can’t decide whether to sit back and enjoy the ride, or bring the uncomfortable seating arrangements to my attention.

(Credits behind the cut)
Best Weekend —

Based on sketch by Becky Higgins (Creating Keepsakes, April 2009, #22)
Paper and elements by Lisa Whitney (A Beautiful Mess)
Fonts: Baby Bowser, Times New Omen, Pea Bethany

Going Somewhere? —
Background paper & cross stitching by Amy Wolff (5255 Collab Kit)
Brown stitching by Amber Clegg (Tranquility)
Red paint, road sign, & brad by Wimpychompers (Cool Cats)
Yellow glitter by Kari Q Designs (Today and Everyday)
Paper alpha by Birgit Kerr (Noteworthy)
Red alpha by Madame Wing (Eight Days a Week)
Frame by Scrapkitten Designs (Everyday Delights)
Date stamp by Darcy Baldwin (Save the Date)
Metal tag & ring by Jessica Bolton (Glenda)
Fonts: Engravers MT (on tag), Pea Righton, Bosshole