I set to work on the latest Digi Dare yesterday afternoon (main components of the challenge – one word title and one photo containing only one subject).  Looking through my 2005 photos, I found this one of Nicky with his listening equipment.  His occupational therapist at the time, Ms. Yolanda, had determined that he was a prime candidate for a program called Therapeutic Listening to help with his Sensory Processing Disorder.  Nicky continued with TL for many months.  I don’t know how much it helped, and how much was the other forms of therapy or simple maturity, but he did show improvement over that year.
(Credits behind the cut)

Today I finished up another baby blanket.  This one’s bound for the NICU, to warm some little baby while he or she is having feedings.  I needed something mindless to work on while the boys and I watched the original Star Wars trilogy last week, and j. had sent me a great skein of bright orange yarn, so this was born.  I’m halfway in love with it, just for the colors.  I’m so tired of pastel baby clothes and blankets, I swear I’ll never make anything pastel for a baby again!


For DigiDare #137
Background paper by Amy Wolff (Barely There 3)
Grid stamp by Amy Wolff (Gratitude)
Frame and butterfly by Lori Musser of Page Frocks (Paper Dreams)
Green-painted cardboard by Christine Smith (Nothing Girly)
Scrolled rub-on by Amber Clegg (Tranquility)
Photo wrap and charm by Amanda Rockwell for ScrapArtist (Crushin’ On My Little Man)
Paint scratches (recolored) by Wimpychompers (Cool Cats)
Glitter (recolored) Kari Q Designs (Today & Everyday)
Main alpha by Madame Wing (Eight Days a Week)
Tag alpha by Shabby Princess (Happy Go Lucky)
Notebook paper by Birgit Kerr (Easy Living)
Tear by Carina Gardner (Siri kit)
Button by Jady Day Studio (Blooming Friendship)
Font: DJB Meta2 by Darcy Baldwin