(And it makes a great background color!)

First things first.  What did I find in my inbox yesterday morning, but a request to use this layout of the boys with my dad on the Creating Keepsakes blog!  Of course, I gave my ecstatic permission, so here it is.  I even get a prize – how nifty is that?

Now, over at JessicaSprague.com, it’s birthday week!  A freebie every day, a free photoshop class in July (you have to sign up this week!), and challenges every day.  Well, you know how I love challenges to get the creative juices flowing, right?

Yesterday, we were to use one of the suggested movie posters as inspiration for a layout.  I was so inspired by the poster for A Mighty Heart that I pretty much lifted it straight off the page to scrap the pictures from the first Preeclampsia Foundation Walk-A-Thon I hosted.

PFWalk-wideblurI love this format for displaying lots of photos.  Today’s challenge was to do a layout completely in neutrals, with just one added color.  I decided to use this picture of Kalen to document the boy’s freaking hilarious giggles.

ContagiousGiggles(Credits, as usual, behind the cut)

A Mighty Effort
LO inspired by “A Mighty Heart” movie poster for challenge at JessicaSprague.com
Black paper by Bohemian Art (Fresh & Fun)
Alpha by Grazieli Niclass, aka Lili of ScrapArtist.com (Urban Letters)
Swirl by Birgit Kerr (Swirl It Up)
Font: Century Gothic

Contagious Giggles
Background paper by Karah Fredricks at BlueFlombingo.com (A Fresh Start Mini Kit)
Grid by Amy Wolff (Gratitude)
Frame by LivEdesigns for JessicaSprague.com (EZPZ – PhotoFrame)
Paper Swirl by Chris Greiser (Here Comes the Sun)
Alpha by Lyndsay Riches (Recycled – An Earth Day Kit)
Fonts: Century Gothic, DJB Meta2 by Darcy Baldwin, Digs My Hart