This month’s 12 of 12 has a special “guest” – Jason (aka my husband, for those just dropping in for the 12th) is in town!

IMG_987510:46 am – Checking my RSS before heading downstairs.  Anything look familiar?  The Secular Parent was particularly good yesterday.

IMG_987711:32 am – Angus is so camera-shy for me, I was determined to get a shot of his face.  (Outtakes are all of the back of his neck or his rear end.)

IMG_987811:39 am – Dad is going through his Naval records, compiling them so Mom can put them all into a scrapbook.  This is his appointment to Commander.

IMG_988012:28 pm – Mom and Jason (there he is!) disscussing the fun genealogy finds she made the night before.  Apparently, some of our ancestors were once arrested for picking peas on the Sabbath.  Yikes!

IMG_98841:44 pm – Jason gearing up for his interview today – positive visualization and all that.

IMG_98861:45 pm – Did I mention Jason’s in town?  *blush*

IMG_98872:08 pm – Over at the in-laws’…can you see the fawns lying in the tall grass?

IMG_98892:17 pm – Like father, like son!  (Both of our boys sit like this all the time, too.)

IMG_98954:12 pm – Like mother, like son!  I forget how much they look alike until I take a photo like this.

IMG_99024:36 pm – Kalen taking advantage of Daddy being in town, and the wide open floor space, for some wrestling!

IMG_99054:37 pm – Nicky joins in the action!

IMG_99188:51 pm – Jason polishes his dress shoes for the aforementioned interview.