One bright, beautiful Saturday morning (today), a Mom (me) dropped her wonderful boys off for a weekend of fun with their grandparents.  The mom decided to visit some Wondrous Garage Sales and Well-Stocked Thrift Stores on the way home.

Cash in hand, she stopped at the first Garage Sale and fell promptly in love with this beautiful chair and its partner:

The chairs were each marked $2.50, which seemed to be an amazing deal!  After chatting with the Garage Saler for a while, however, said chairs were lowered – to $2.00 each.  How could the mom pass up such a deal?

She couldn’t.

Several garage sales later, the chairs remained her only purchases.  Enter the Well-Stocked Thrift Store, which had this fun chair sitting out front, priced at only $6.00:

A quick chat with the Store Owner quickly resulted in another $1 markdown.

The end.

And that, my friends, is how I ended up at home today, giddy and happily planning the future lives of my three new chairs.  (Betcha didn’t know you could fit three chairs in a Civic, eh?)  Which I picked up for a total of $9.  Total.  $9!!

Just wait until I get these guys to Seattle and find new fabric and paint for them!