So, anyway, yeah.  Jason has a job!  I’ve gotten over my initial shock and awe, and it’s time to get down to business.  The big to do list looks something like this:

  • Find a place to live
  • Find a way to get Aimee, boys, and household goods across country

We’re taking a divide-and-conquer approach.  Jason is handling the former; I am taking the latter.  It makes sense, given our locations, but it is weird not to be there looking at houses with him.  If we were buying, I’d make the investment in airfare to get out there and be part of it, but we’re renting, he knows what I like in a home and what areas I prefer, and I trust him, so that’s one cost I’m happy to avoid.

The move (my half of this deal) is going to involve packing, lists, quotes, organization.  Yep – my cuppa!  I knew there was a reason this thick little spiral notebook called to me from the clearance corner of The Container Store last weekend.


It already has a couple of different lists:

Things To Do in Atlanta Before We Leave: officially withdraw them from the school district, visit my friend and her new baby, replace a letterbox we’d taken out of its hiding place for some first aid, etc.

Prepare For Move: sort toys for Goodwill vs. Seattle, go through every room of the house and gather our items, decide when and how the three of us will get out there, etc.

Things To Do Upon Arrival in Seattle: Get new drivers’ licenses, register the boys for school & schedule IEP meeting, register the cars, change address with USPS, design and send out moving announcements, etc.

So much to do!  And I’m excited about every bit of it.