Boy, it’s humid in Atlanta in August.  I know, I know, it’s a given, but I really do forget just how bad it is out there when I’m happily ensconced in my air conditioned home.

This morning, we had a playdate with our neighbors…from our old neighborhood, that is.  Their oldest son is Kalen’s age, and they were in the same Kindergarten class last year.  These boys have so much fun together, and they were troopers this morning!  I needed to replace the logbook in one of our most popular letterboxes, so I recruited them to accompany us on a mini-hike to take care of it.

Of course, I took my camera…and you know it’s Monday.


So today, I did my part to educate friends about Letterboxing and Bench Monday.  Both make me happy!

Getting together with friends we don’t see often enough makes me even happier.  Thanks for a great day, guys!