none of the above!

I promised an update last week on the house hunt.  Unfortunately, we went back and forth (mostly in our own minds), and nothing was settled when the end of the week rolled around.  We Jason commenced hunting again over the weekend, and as of today we’re happy to welcome The Sprinkle House into the family.


During the hunt, Jason and I took to nicknaming all the houses we were considering.  With the odd naming convention in the Seattle suburbs (Every street is numbered!  Like for miiiiles out into the suburbs.  It’s weird, I tell you.), we couldn’t keep them straight.  So, we had Aimee’s house (my early favorite), the Pink House (which was taupe, but apparently photographed poorly), the Bathroom House (you don’t want to know), etc.  This little yellow charmer was quickly dubbed the Sprinkle House, because the listing mentioned a “sprinkle system” in the front yard.  The missing ‘r’ tickled me, and the name stuck.

So The Sprinkle House will be our home for the next year, at least, as we settle in on Seattle’s Eastside.  Jason gains possession a day or so before the boys and I fly in.  The plan is coming together.*  It still doesn’t seem real, and I wonder when it will start to sink in.

Tomorrow the car carrier comes to take my little car.  Tuesday, the movers come to take all our stuff.  The following Monday, the boys and I get on the plane.  The sinking in should happen somewhere in there, don’t you think?

*Go ahead, say it.  You know you want to!