Okay, I’m beat!  The movers came and loaded up all our stuff yesterday, and the resulting adrenaline crash has been something else.  As I’m in a very uncreative (and tired) mood, this month’s 12 of 12 is a collection of photos of things that are not here.  Welcome to my Not 12 of 12.  (My apologies for what I fear is a rather boring series of photos.  They’re the result of an exciting process, I assure you!)

1. My parents’ garage is Not full of boxes and furniture! (They are so excited at the prospect of actually parking in there again.)

2. The top of the driveway, where my car is Not parked.  (Where my car Is parked: Seattle!  Jason took delivery of it last night – woot!)

100_23003. This is Not the kids’ sandbox.  The porch no longer says, “Welcome, small children live here.”

4. Welcome to the spot that does Not house our grill and outside garbage cans.

5. This is Not my yarn; it’s all Mom’s!  She does Not have to share stash space with me.

6. This corner does Not house the old English wardrobe Mom and Dad used for their linens.  Now it’s home to the old leather chair we found at a garage sale last week.  (The wardrobe’s moving with me!)

7. Not my closet.  (You can tell by the absence of elfa.)

8. The wall my desk was on, where I am Not sitting while I post my 12 of 12.

9. These are Not the boys’ beds.  I mean, well, they are beds (camping cots), and the boys are sleeping on them this week, but…  Ack, you know what I mean.

10. The playroom is Not housing a train table, but there’s so much more room to run around!

11. …and I do believe these are Not all of the boys’ toys!

12. Now that our bicycles are Not taking up this whole space, we have a much better view of the water heater, dehumidifier, and crawl space entrance – thank goodness!

Stay tuned for next month’s 12, which will be brought to you directly from the great state of Washington!  Happy 12th, everyone!