As promised last month, this 12 of 12 comes from the gorgeous state of Washington.

It’s not that I forgot yesterday was the 12th.  I didn’t.  It’s more that I can’t find the battery charger for my trusty point-and-shoot, and I’m trying to figure out how to use this beautiful digital SLR* Mom gave me…and that I forgot to take it with me when we left the house, so there are no photos of the gorgeous state itself.  Doh!

What could be better than waking up to your husband making coffee??

…waking up to your husband making coffee and pancakes!

[Insert very large chunk of time, during which we were doing errands, having lunch out, etc.  It was a time rife with fabulous photo opportunities.  Darnit.]
The boys had very specific Halloween costume requests this year – easily granted with a coupon and quick trip to the party store!

Our change of address cards came this week, so I’ve been spending a few minutes each day addressing envelopes and wishing charities had discovered our move and sent us those return address labels I always have way too many of.  Except now.

Very serious business, these video games, no?

While the boys searched for Arks or Grails or whatever Lego Indy was obsessed with at that particular time, I worked on consolidating packing paper and checking out some NCAA action.  Yes, I chose to watch football.  Without my husband in the room.  Even though Georgia Tech played two days earlier.  What’s happening to me?!?

During the game, our new neighbor brought us some beautiful Yellow Pear Tomatoes from her garden.  Aren’t they cute?  (Jason, the tomato guy in the family, says they taste great, too.)  We have cool neighbors.

Still a long way to go on the unpacking…

…a looooong way… (but we found some Ewoks!  They’re not as helpful as you’d think, based on their industrious portrayal in Jedi.)

And we continue to fill boxes with garage sale and donation items.  Hurrah!

We downloaded this WiiWare game yesterday – so much fun!

Coffee and World of Goo.  Now, there’s a romantic evening!

*The time stamp on this camera was way off, and I don’t really feel the whole calculate-the-difference vibe today.  You may eagerly anticipate the return of times for next month’s 12 of 12.  Hey, I’ve gotta keep you coming back somehow, right?