One of my least favorite types of blog post is that “Ohmygod, I can’t believe I haven’t posted in so long, I’msosorry” post we all seem tempted to do now and then.  Soooo let’s just pretend I didn’t just say that and move right along, okay?

Seriously, though, inspiration has been lacking.  I’ve been completely distracted by the house (and, yes, life).  My favorite sister, upon being asked what I should blog about, promptly replied, “Me!”  Mmkay.  I did ask.


Yep, that’s her!  The J.D., the soon-to-be Esq. (only two more months until we get confirmation she passed the Bar!), the soon-to-be Californian (again).  You can tell by her windswept, carefree look that this photo was taken before she began law school, and indeed, I snapped it when I visited her on my birthday weekend in 2006.  A few months later, she would move to Virginia and start the three-year Stress Fest that is law school, followed by BarBri, followed by The Exam Itself, followed by the Yeah-Right-I’m-Supposed-To-Wait-Patiently?!? period of post exam deflation.  (Hmm.  Methinks the girl deserves a break.)

To the surprise of no one in the family, Heather did head out to California to take the Bar Exam in July.  It’s been obvious to all of us since the family moved away from SoCal in 1991 that Heather would be back eventually.  There had been some discussion about staying in Virginia after law school, but really.  Heather out of California always has a temporary feel.

So, January it is!  The road trip begins then (sadly, not for me – the munchkins require me here).  I wonder if she’ll let me blog it?