So, each week, I see this graphic on a couple/few of the blogs I frequent, and today I think, “Hey, that’s just what I need to eek out a blog post today!”


  • I now have first-hand proof of the validity of the “wait until your child is free of symptoms for 24 hours before sending him back to school” rule.  Nicky’s fever broke at 2:00 this morning, and as much as I wanted to send him to school, so he could participate in his final drum circle group, I did the right thing and kept him home.  Several hours later, he looked miserable, and the thermometer registered 101.
  • The house is still a wreck, but Jason took down the LCD TV mount the previous tenants left behind (which was  likely only making him feel deprived, anyway) and replaced it with framed artwork.  Awesome.
  • The art (a tea towel from Bayeux, which my mother thoughtfully had framed for us), inspired me to clean off the mantel underneath it and spookify at least a little of the house. (Sorry about the shoddy photo.)


  • My toes are cold.  (Surprising to no one who knows me, I’ll wager.)
  • I think I might just try NaBloPoMo again this year.
  • The black light bulb we put in our front porch fixture every year always makes me think of Space Mountain.
  • Bench Monday makes me happy.