If you have a child in public school in the U.S. (or if you were once there yourself), chances are you’ve heard of the PTA’s annual art contest and show, Reflections.  I’ve been trying to get Nicolas to participate for several years now, but he’s always balked.  (Art isn’t his favorite pursuit.)  This year, however, his school required the fourth-graders to participate.

The theme this year is “Beauty is…”  Nicolas chose to interpret this through photography, specifically to showcase the beauty of our new hometown.  I gave him the camera one day on the walk home from school, and he had a great time.


He finally decided on the picture of the mossy rocks as his favorite, so I pulled up Photoshop and let him play around a bit with it.  He learned to crop, recolor, and even apply an action, finally ending up with this:


He titled it “Mossy Rocks at Sunset.”  I think his favorite part of the project was actually going to the craft store and picking out a mat for it.  My favorite part was finding, to my surprise, that he remembered exactly what he’d done in Photoshop when I asked him the next day.  I have a feeling I’m going to have to fight him for creative computer time in a few years.