The weekend is [almost] here!

I’ve had it about up to here* with the house still needing quite a bit of unpacking and organizing, so I’m making some specific goals for this weekend.

  1. Find a place for everything in the kitchen.  There are about 7 smallish items for which I haven’t yet found homes.
  2. Mop the kitchen/dining area floors.  Somehow, the house has the gall to get dirty before I’ve even managed to get everything unpacked.
  3. Unpack & find places for the two still-packed bins of toys.
  4. Hang Nicolas’s desk.
  5. Create a mud-room like area in the garage.  There’s not enough room by the front door for all the rain boots & such.
  6. Play with my family!

It’s not a particularly ambitious list, but if I manage to knock it all off, I’ll be content.  I’d like to spend about as much time on #6 as the rest combined, if possible.  I think it’s possible.

*Hand held at about chin level.  Maybe nose level.  Depends on when you ask me.