I remember very well the childish hope as Christmas approached…hope that Santa would indeed fulfill that otherwise-unattainable wish…of a horse, a very expensive toy, [and later] a car.*  Still, I’m always amused with what the boys come up with.  Most notable this year is Kalen’s desire for this:

lego-death-starImage: The LEGO Group

Yep, that’s the $400 Lego Death Star.  Never mind that he pretty much just plays with the Minifigs all the time & has no patience for building.  Actually, now that I look at the thing, he probably wants it simply for all the Minifigs that come with it.  (Bingo!  He just snuck up behind me, and I couldn’t Alt-Tab out in time.  He’s now rattling on about all the cool people that come with it.)

Nicolas’s best request this year is for Astro Boy, the new-to-theaters movie, on DVD.  When I informed him that it wouldn’t be available on DVD in time for Christmas, he said, “Well, Santa will just have to do it, then.”  I don’t know if he still believes in Santa, if he’s hedging his bets and letting us think he does, or if he’s like his mom…wanting to believe in Santa, no matter what.

(Oh, and I think I’ll re-dub NaBloPoMo “NaBLOWPoMo,” since I blew it.  Oh well, 29 posts in 30 days!  I can do it!)

*I’m one of those people who has a small part of them still wishing Santa was a real-live guy with a real-live workshop, able to fulfill my every holiday dream, so it’s not that far-fetched for me to have wished Santa could have brought me a car when I was fifteen.