Happy Friday the 13th!  I had grand intentions of posting this last night…

Many thanks to Chad for orchestrating, inventing, and continuing to host 12 of 12.

112of12-Nov09-8:49 am – On the walk to school.  We can make it in 11 minutes, if we don’t dawdle, and less if we hurry.

412of12-Nov09-9:01 am – The walk home takes a few minutes longer, because it’s uphill.  (It takes even longer if I stop to take photos of the beautiful foliage.)

312of12-Nov09-11:14 am – Driving to the grocery store.  Seriously, I get to see this amazing view whenever I go out on a clear day.  (This is for all of you who asked why we wanted to move to Seattle “with all that rain.”  Days like this are what make the rain completely worth it.)

212of12-Nov09-11:48 am – Grocery shopping.  Blah.

512of12-Nov09-12:03 pm – Took the long way home, so I could get you a picture of the lake.  That’s Seattle in the distance.

612of12-Nov09-1:44 pm – This is why they call it Fall.  I think we need to rake.  There’s a porch under there somewhere.

712of12-Nov09-2:23 pm – Unpacking boxes.  Slowly but surely…

812of12-Nov09-3:19 pm – Walking to the school, I noticed these beautiful mushrooms growing on the side of our neighbor’s driveway.  They’re huge.

912of12-Nov09-3:41 pm – My companions on the school playground while the boys run and shout for a few minutes.

1012of12-Nov09-3:45 pm – It’s a really cool playground.

1112of12-Nov09-3:46 pm – Ditto.

1212of12-Nov09-3:51 pm – Heading home.