I get a kick out of checking my blog stats.  Don’t we all?  How many people visit each day, where they come from, where they go, which posts are the most popular…and of course, best of all, the search terms.

Given that this blog is mostly about whatever pops into my mind and comes out of my craft room (or would if I had a craft room, which I don’t) on any given day, it’s always amusing to see what search terms lead people to the site.

I’ll give you one guess what the most popular internet search to bring people to In THIS Life is.  Crochet?  Family?  Kids?  Nope.  It’s any combination of the words frosty and fries.  Given the subject of that post, and Jason’s insistence that I’m uniquely warped for enjoying that culinary combination, I find endless amusement that the overwhelming majority of people who find this site through a search engine do so because they’re searching for fries and Frosties.

The second-favorite search term is equally amusing to me: snakes.  I think we’ve established before that I am extremely ophidiophobic.  That people come to my blog looking for “snake food,” “cute snakes,” and with the question “how do snakes stay cool” is rather amusing.  On a similar, but much cuter, reptilian note, 18 people have come here looking for “tutles.”  Apparently I, along with 18 other people, misspelled ‘turtle’ somewhere.

And “circulatory system of an owl?”  Scientific inquiry was the last thing I expected after my post about Twilight last year.

Most of the other search terms make perfect sense.  Things like “plarn crochet,” “star wars valentines mailboxes,” and “solas caomh” all fit rather nicely.  Of course, there’s also the occasional search term that makes my stomach quiver.  There are certain things one would only ever search for on the internet if one had evil intent towards minors.  As one such term began to point people to my blog more and more frequently, I finally realized why a certain post was drawing their unwanted attention, and I changed some of the terms I used it.  Sad how innocent conversation can draw unwanted attention.  (I’m happy to report that since changing that post, precisely zero inappropriate searches have come my way.)

And look, now we have a whole new post, just jam packed with keywords, albeit low-frequency ones.  I wonder what that will do to my stats!